Unfortunately, chronic or deep wound causes to some problems that even leads to mutilation. Fortunately with medical significant advancement iabetic wounds are some of the most dangerous and common complications of diabetes. Fifteen percent of people with diabetes will have one at some point, not including an estimated 2 million workdays lost as a result of foot wounds that won’t heal. With knowledge and preparation, wounds can be tackled early or avoided entirely.

Wound Clinic

The unique specifications of modern dressing is converting oxygen to keep warm and humid the wound and also controlling secretion in treating chronic wound.woundcare
Using low level laser (cold laser) has been widely used in treating and wound recovery in recently year. Low level low_level_laserlaser can be severely facilitated the wound restoration with motions, cellular stimulation, increasing blood circulation
Maggot Therapy can clear the died texture of wound like capable surgeon without damaging to living tissue, Lara therapy is considered as standard method and approved by FDA and is significantly important
Cell therapy has several usages in medical science by enjoying high proficiency of platelets. Cell therapy is significantly important in wounds which are stopped in processing. StemCell
Vacuum therapy is efficient use for wound treatment with negative and controlled pressure, reducing wound disturbed liquids and distension, increasing perfusion.
Ozone therapy has special position for removing microbe, virus, fungi, ozone. it controls the wound infection with ozonecontrolled density without any problems and also it can be facilitated and developed restoration process by increasing oxygen to tissues.