Through advancing natural hair transplantation method, Hair loss occurs in more than 60% of men and in approximately 10% of women. male and female pattern baldness are conditions that are, with few exceptions, treated electively. Balding is a major concern for many, and surgery to treat hair loss (hair transplantation) is the most common cosmetic surgery procedure performed on men today.

Hair Transplant

FIT(Follicular Isolated Technique) In this method, screw hair is cut separately from client’s hair (usually from FITbehind) by special tools, it was kept in media preparation and next, the transplant is operated in considered area which is usually located in forward and center of head by accurate tools and by FIT method. No effect was remained related to wounds and scare that the advantage and acceptable records of this method have been considered. After a short time the applicant has natural and desirable hair by observing recommendation of clinics.
In this method, the hair bar is cut from behind of the head after local anesthesia, it was divided to follicular units FUTunder microscope by technicians and is transplanted by accurate tools in considered area. One of the advantages of this method is more quickly than the other.
This method used for person whose hair is difficult to transplant in baldness area, infact , this method is combined mixtwo main methods which has been discussed before, for more information please consulate to our physicians , they diagnosed that this procedure is suitable for you or not.
At this method because of hair weakness at the behind of head, it is used from other parts of body, such is chest hair BHT(incase available). The transplant method is accurate like Micro FIT.
By hair removal at behind of the head and hair implant in facial area, Beard & Mustache transplantation is Beardperformed at this center. Demands, one’s choice, observing principles and standard have been perfectly considered. Fortunately, this sensitive operation would be done accurately in our clinic by using local anesthesia as soon as possible.
The basic is similar to hair transplant regarding FIT method that actually, more accurate tools have been used. It is eyebrowto be noted that, the hair used in transplanting eyebrow can be grown like hairs of head and should be cleaned regularly. The cases such as thinning eyebrows, eyebrow hair loss, or damages related to surgeries & accidents are the main reason of eyebrow transplantation. For possibility and impossibility of your eyebrow transplantation, you can get some information by referring to clinics and specialized consultation through your specialist.
In this method the client’s blood is converted to his/her components in centrifuge system such as platelets. The PRPenriched platelets are separated and injected in the areas which are willing to grow and strengthen hair. Platelets have conditions to grow and so, strengthening and hair growth is formed. In our clinic we use the best PRP kits and also the proficiency and our physician’s experience show the results.