Body healthy and fitness are priority of our life that specially today, fat has been considered as a life problem due to mechanized and sedentary life. Certainly having good fitness is led to physical health it also promotes satisfaction and self-confidence due to physiological conditions and gives good feels for shapely figure which causes beautiful life. At this clinic, we try to prepare whatever helps you to achieve your goal satisfactory

Body Sculpturing

Lopolysis means the destruction of adipose or fat tissue by using laser. This is a modern method to reduce fat in lipolasersubcutaneous or around considered area that is performed as outpatient or local anesthesia during once time meeting by surgical specialist at this clinic. The advantages of this method are tightening the skin due to laser lightening, stimulation of collagen and accumulating the more skin and also less pain, distention and much less bruising regarding to liposuction method and lipomatics that fat does not return in considered area. Laser lightening in bottom and surface layer are caused to removing cellulite. Inequality (winckles) is one of the problems of Liposuction & Lipomatics that has been solved with Lipolysis laser. Lipolysis laser can be used for removing local lipid accumulation in any parts of body, specially Jowl , Neck, Arm , Chest in men, Abdomen, Sides, Hips , Thigh , Legs. Dr. Vafajoo clinic has been recognized as one of the best Lipolysis clinic in country and our doctors are reliable counselor according to their specialty, surgery and experience in consulting affairs.
Cavitation machine is operated with the kinds of sound waves with high frequency that is caused to mini bubbles cavitationaround of fat cells. These mini bubbles have intense vibration and lead to rupture of fat cell. Intracellular water was discharged by the lymphatic system and is analyzed to free fat acid (FFA) by enzyme. Cavitation is a proper method for decreasing size and weight loss in body organs such as sides, abdomen, arms, hips and thigh. In such cases that the applicant does not need to operate for weight loss of semi-invasive or invasive, the Cavitation is a proper choice.
Someone think that not eating anything is caused to fitness but body needs to provide the requirements that no nutritionattention can be harmful. It is better to be aware of your body’s requirement, rate and amount. By referring to our clinic and consulting with physicians, besides you are being aware for forming 100 percent of the rate of fat, and muscles in different points of body by the modernists system of Body Analayzer, you will be informed for food schedule planning and proper practices.
Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is an operation to form an abdomen. Frequently, the skin pulls over than its elastic due to increasing, deceasing weight, pregnancy, aging and is not possible to return the natural form. Tummy tuckfat cuts the additional fat and skin and tightens the bottom muscles. Mini Abdominoplasy is other case to use for women whose skins was loose in bottom area of her abdomen, hardness of this operation is less because of the smaller incision that is easily to hide. This surgery consumed a shorter time for recovery and can be done as an outpatient. Remark: If anesthesia is required, this surgery can be done in hospital by diagnosis of physician
Mammaplasty or Breast Reconstruction Surgery prepares the conditions for women to fit her body properly.Reconstructive-Breast-Surgery Mammaplasty can be used to make your breast smaller (Reduction Mammoplasty) or enlarger (Augmentation Mammoplasty). Reduction Mammoplasty and Breast enhancement (Mastopexy) are two different breast surgeries, but relates to each other that have similar points. Each tow methods lead to lifting, reduction and usually overall improvement in breast shape. Augmentation Mammoplasty, the surgeries which have been done as following cases: A tendency to enlarge breast Correction of congenital malfunction of breast that one or tow breasts has not sufficiently grown The different correction of breast size The correction and reduction of breast size toward pregnancy and breast feeding or decreasing sever weight For breast reconstruction toward surgery such as breast cancer or trauma  
Body-Jet Made in Germany is a new device and this device can be used for lipolysis. lipolysis is said to to grind and body jetremoving the body fat by outpatient surgery without anesthesia. The operation is usually performed in the clinic under local anesthesia. At the end of operation the changes in organs and drain excess fat is evident from recovering fitness after it is created.
Body lift can be used to treat excess skin, cellulite and sagging fatty tissue. A complete lower body lift treats the body jetbuttocks, abdomen waist, hips and thighs in one procedure. Once the skin has been stretched beyond capacity due to weight gain, natural growth or pregnancy, stretch marks can appear and if the weight is then lost again, the skin may struggle to shrink back into place instead hanging in loose folds from certain areas of the body. Arm and thigh lift surgery is performed to remove this excess skin to leave the thigh area tight and smooth.