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Hair Transplant

Through advancing natural hair transplantation method, Hair loss occurs in more than 60% of men and in approximately 10% of women.

  • FIT Method
  • FUT Method
  • Combined Method
  • BHT
  • Facial Transplant - Beard and Mustache
  • Eyebrow Transplantation
  • PRP

Body Sculpturing

Body lift can be used to treat excess skin, cellulite and sagging fatty tissue. A complete lower body lift treats the buttocks, abdomen waist, hips ...

  • Lipolysis
  • Cavitation
  • Theraputic Regimen
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Mammaplasty - Breast Reconstruction Surgery
  • Body Jet

Hair Removal

Today, hair removal is possible by using the modernist methods such as laser or light, we give you some information about using this system and ...

  • IPL
  • Laser Diode

Skin Cares

Human skin is required to special care like organism, having beautiful skin is a sign of health and esprit. Be sure, proper care from skin caused exiting in life.a

  • Microdermabrasion
  • Cleaning
  • Chemical Peeling
  • Monotherapy
  • Acne Cleaning
  • Hydrating Cleaning
  • Skincare during pregnancy

Massage Therapy

Massage has been practiced for thousands of years. Today, if you need or want a massage, you can choose from among 80 massage therapy styles

  • Logo design
  • Flyers & Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Stationery Design
  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Print Ads / Magazine
  • Banners

Skin Lifting

‏A facelift (Rhytidectomy) is to improve the visible signs of aging in the face and neck. We will correct the skin excess in the neck, and the sagging skin...

Beauty and Rejuvenation

After several times, we face to some changes in skin that the most important is wrinkles in skin. For removing this problem, we use several methods at

  • Skin Rejuvenation Fractional laser
  • RF Rejuvenation
  • Botox Injection
  • Silhouette Lifting
  • Gel - Fat Filler Injection
  • Belepharoplasty - Eyelid Lift
  • Removal of skin lesions
  • Carboxy therapy
  • Acne Scars

Wound Clinic

Unfortunately, chronic or deep wound causes to some problems that even leads to mutilation. Fortunately with medical significant advancement

  • Modern Dressing
  • Low Level Laser
  • Maggot Therapy
  • Cell Therapy
  • Vacuum Therapy
  • Ozone Therapy


Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine in which thin needles are inserted into the body. It is a key component of traditional Chinese medicine...




Hair Transplants


Lipo Laser


Skin Lift


Aesthetic Operation

Clinic Management

The person who responsible for the Dr. Vafajoo Clinic Management is Mr. Mohammad Javad Vafajoo, a seasoned professional with a good knowledge of Aesthetic and Beauty issues.
His expertise in management is a guarantee for quality services, making use of a capable staff, the latest equipment, and medicines, as well as high-quality materials. The satisfaction of the clients and the quality of the services are the priorities of his management. This has been significantly enhanced by using international treatment methods and advanced equipment.
This combination of good management and quality service has given the clinic a reputation as being a well-known and progressive group in Iran and regional countries.

It’s very important for the Dr. Vafajoo clinics manager to uphold good relations with his clients, in order to advance and promote the clinic Having Quality Management certificate ISO 9001:2008 and Customer Satisfaction ISO 10004:2012 from ICS group Canada (USAS) is the distinction of our clinic.

Clinic Partners

The efforts of our staff in rendering quality services to the clients include the cooperation with institutions, private and governmental organizations. This ensures that the personnel of several companies, private and governmental groups, can use the services of the clinic as respected clients. A periodical discount and special priority in reception are worth mentioning here.
“All of the health care personnel were educated and specialized courses were under the supervision of a group of doctors, and they were allowed to provide services after accepting internal clinical examinations,"
Dr. Vafajoo clinic is also open for collaboration with colleagues in neighboring countries such as Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq. We always take the required action to ensure a good reception and residence for all our clients with Arabic or English translator.


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the Dr.VAFAJOO Clinic

 Dr. Vafajoo Clinic,Specialized Clinic of Aesthetic Surgery,Beauty, Body Sculpturing,Skin (Dermatology) and Hair Transplantation, is located at Khalili St., Shiraz, Iran. We aim to please our clients with the best quality of service, observing high standards in terms of comfort and ease.
Our clinic has a reputation as a professional and well-known group in the country,due to our high quality of services, expert staff and good location. These facilities include VIP surgery room, special parking, skin care room,Laser room,Massage therapy and Acupuncture services in the separate and private room to ensure our guest's privacy.
We also offer special discounts for our regular customers. The ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Certificate and ISO 10004:2012 Customer Satisfaction Certificate obtained from Canada ICS group (USAS) ensures the supervised systems and monitoring quality of the services in our clinic.

Directors & Founders

Mohd. Javad Vafajoo

Clinic Director

He is the clinic director. Mr.Vafajoo graduated MBA Strategy from Shiraz University and has more than twelve years management experience. His expertise in management is a guarantee for quality services, making use of a capable staff, the latest equipment and medicines, as well as high quality materials. The satisfaction of the clients and the quality of the services are the priorities of his management. This has been significantly enhanced by using international treatment methods and advanced equipment. This combination of good management and quality service, has given the clinic a reputation as being a well-known and progressive group in Iran and neighbors countries.

Fariba Vafajoo

Founder & Beauty and Acupuncture Specialist

She is a midwife and nurse (holder of a Master of Science) and has a good position and experience under supervision of expert instructors. Having followed skin and beauty-care courses for over a decade, her proficiency in rendering excellent services is deemed satisfactory by clinic clients.


Founder & MD

A reliable physician of Shiraz University of Medical Science, with more than twenty years work experience. He has developed modern methods for treating chronic wounds thanks to several researches and studies. He is a consulting physician in nutrition affairs, and regards the satisfaction of his clients as his priority. Dr. Keshtkar is a reliable, expert physician, and further established his reputation by his commitment to render his services to people in deprived regions.

Shahla Vafajoo

Founder & Aesthetic Surgeon

Surgical specialist and one of the most famous and reliable physicians of Fars province, she graduated from Shiraz University of Medical Science with more than fourteen years experience in surgery and hair transplantation. She continually stays up-to-date scientifically, by following specialized courses in the different fields of beauty and surgery at home and abroad. She works as a respected Doctor in established clinics for hair transplant, beauty and skin in Shiraz. She has degrees in hair transplant courses at the USA Beauty & Science Academy, beauty technology courses and skin cares from Canada, laser from ARC-Germany and also participates in training courses at home in the skin, hair transplant & beauty field.

ISO 10004



Iran Association of General Surgery


Shiraz Medical University


International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

ISO 9001


Clinic Strategy

Clinic Vision

Vision of Dr.Vafajoo Clinic achieve the top position among cosmetic surgery clinics in the country and providing ideal conditions and facilities for the visitors, so that they are always choose us as the first option.

Clinic Mission

Mission of Dr.Vafajoo Clinic, collecting a series of doctors and medical staff, skilled and ethical and regular professional organization to meet the growing needs of people in the field of beauty and health is applied.

Clinic Goals

The goals of this clinic include: professional medical service quality, innovation and expansion of medical services, increase clients' satisfaction, the constant pursuit of moral values and human.

Client & Partners Feedback

Dr.Vafajoo Clinic Care about their client Feedback&Comments.

" Commitment of doctors, as well as patience and time for consultation and treatment to get the job done efficiently,this is why I am in trust with this clinic."

Mrs. Nasrin Shirazi

Clinic Client
" I selected this clinic because of the relevance of the prices of the advanced services that take place in other centers."

Mr. Arash Mohamadian


Mr. Naserian

Sales Manager of a Medicine Co.
" Fortunately, they are always order for the best and highest quality medicines and materials for everyday use, and obsessed with the use of approved brands. "

Dr.Vafajoo Clinic Specialized in Aesthetic Surgery,Rejuvenation,Skin(Dermatology), Hair Transplant & Body Sculpturing

You Can Easily find us !

No.461,Alley 1,Khalili St.,Shiraz/Iran

  • Distance from Metro Station : 10 mins by Walk
  • Distance from Airport : 25 mins by Car
  • Postal Code: 7193619611

Clinic Phone Numbers

  • Mobile(WhatsApp): (+98) 917 000 9958
  • Tel: (+98)71-36267080  &  (+98)71-36263115
  • Answering Hours: From 9 to 19 (Except Friday)

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Dr.Vafajoo Clinic

Office Tel: (+98)71-36267080 & (+98)71-36263115
Mobile& Whatsapp: (+98)917-000-9958
Answering Hours: 9 AM to 7 PM
Add: No.421 - Alley 1 - St. Khalili - Shiraz/Iran

Dr.Vafajoo Specialized Clinic of Skin, Hair, Beauty & Body Sculpturing

Frequent Asked Questions !

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Hair Transplant

The only way for solving problem of hair thinning is hair transplant. The medicines therapies are provisional for hair loss and it becomes longer but can’t to prevent hair loss permanently
After completing hair growth, No body recognize your hair transplant.
4 to 5 months after implant, hair follicles start growing, at first is thin and after 6 moths you notice the changes in balding area.
These hairs are permanent and haven’t hair loss in future. These hairs remove at the back of the hair. The hairs locate at the back of the head is not susceptible to loss due to lack of OHT hormone receiver and is strange and transfer to anywhere which keep these specifications, infact one of the guarantees of hair transplant are permanent durability.
Yes- but dermatologist should diagnose that it is proper for them.
No- the punctures are very fine and no effects are remained.
No. the diagonal of these punctures is not approximately to 0.5 to 0.7 mm and is restored well without any effects.
No, This operation do via local anesthesia and only sever pain feels at the beginning of operation through injection of anesthesia. Actually you are sleeping more during surgery. After surgery, the most patients don’t need to use medicines even medicines prescription
Yes, actually due to infectious risk and facilitating in hair removal, hairs should be cut in all methods of hair transplant and the advertising that is shown for unnecessary to cutting hair is unpractical.
Lipo-Laser provides inch loss, without surgery. There is no pain or long recovery time. Lipo-Laser offers a safe and effective spot fat reduction solution.
Our proposed method, called lipolysis, which uses lasers to break down fats topical.
If complete laser lipolysis and no fat subcutaneous (under the skin) is left, usually do not return, even if the person does not overeat after laser lipolysis, the laser will not be returned. However, other areas of the body that are not lasers, may be caused by overeating overweight.
It is weight increase with fat around different areas of body (mostly abdominal) without pain and lumpiness which is similar in men and women and is normally curable with diet.
Accumulation of fat, sometimes without weight increase in certain areas of body, with changes in connective tissue and rugged appearance (orange peel), mostly has been shown in women; it is not removed only by diet therapy and indeed cellulite embraced accumulation of waste (offal), water molecular, mineral materials, etc. as well as fat along with change of acidity and temperature in tissue environment infected to cellulite. Cellulite in the early stages is limited and safe; but in advanced sta
In this method, by generating waves in radio frequency and heat range, treatment is performed. Besides affecting on the cellulite and local obesity for removing wrinkles of face and around eyes, this method is affected on skin laxity removal in different areas of body, treating active acne and reducing fat accumulation as well.
In this method, improving lymphatic drainage, dissolving excess fat deposits and removing fibrotic tissue and cellulite hard treatment and local obesity are performed through repeated injections with mesotherapy gun, using micro-dosing and through improving blood flow in the treated area. Furthermore, mesotherapy is widely used for treating laxity and sagging skin, lines of obesity, thinness and pregnancy, sporadic and hereditary hair loss in women and men and fine wrinkles and face lifting as w
It appears much more in women and rarely in men; it means that men are more likely to be overweight or obese and they rarely suffer from cellulite; while women obesity in 99% of cases is due to cellulite and today approximately 90% of women suffer from cellulite.
Generally, any factor which is helped fat accumulation in hypoderm tissue can be considered as a cellulite factor.
More fat than men (twice) Mass of the most (حضرات) hypoderm and cylinder arrangement Alpha receptor increase at the age of puberty
Group 1: Common factors affected on both men and women. Group 2: Certain factors caused that women are more susceptible to this disease than men.
Racial factors: For example, white women are more susceptible to cellulite. Family history like some hereditary endocrine diseases The limbs and orthopedic disorders such as changes in spine Hormonal imbalances Excess dietary, such as intemperance in sugar and fat, etc. Digestive diseases Weight and age Mental disorders and illnesses specially depression Individual’s physical status Work, living, sleep, holidays and sport habits External pressures: Including compression clothing

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Low-power laser is increased blood supply in an area by dilating blood vessels. It is strengthened immune system against infectious wounds and with red wavelength affected negatively on the bacterial growth and by strengthening the process of tissue repair, it healed a wound rapidly.
Low-power laser is involved cold laser which does not have heat and is completely painless without any side effects.
Ozone with bactericidal and fungicide properties, and inhibition of virus is used as disinfectant for wounds as well as bacterial and fungal diseases.
Using fly larva skin in wound which can purge dead tissue without damaging living tissue.
4 to 10 days is needed depending on the wound.
Healing of chronic wounds depends on different factors including underlying disease, the wound and injury severity, patient’s age, proper nutrition, blood sugar control, mental conditions, family support, infection and sufficient blood supply to wound.
Chronic wound are wounds started quietly and subtly and their therapeutic process has been retarded or stopped due to different reasons such as local pressure, diabetes, blood supply decrease; but acute wound is started in sudden and its healing is natural.
When cell of a part of skin or subcutaneous tissue does not get sufficient oxygen due to pressure, cells are choked and finally cell death is occurred. In hospitalized patients or those who feel numbness and can not move a part of their body, a pressure is occurred between bone contours and the rigid level of chair and bed which caused bedsore. Wet skin friction and corrosion is increased bedsore specially those who have urinary incontinence.
Those who have chronic wound should use proper nutrition, because food shortage and other necessary materials such as vitamin B, C, E as well as iron, copper and zinc, are retarded wound healing.
Dehydration is decreased metabolism and retarded wound healing, dehydrated and dry skins are prone to scarring as well
Any pressure on wound even six months after treatment can make a problem for healing. Thus, physical activities shall be without pressure on injured leg and with aids and proper shoes.
In chronic wounds for preventing or treating infection, antibiotics should be used and its duration depends upon the physician’s recommendation.
By using a nylon cover on the wound you can take a shower. Indeed, some types of dressing which are impervious to water can also be used.
It should be changed because microbes are penetrated and caused bedsore.
Keeping bedsore warm and moist and controlling exudates and possibility for exchanging oxygen, has a positive effect on wound healing.
It has lower pain, it is possible to be changed two or three times a day and depending type of wound, total cost is decreased.